Spend almost four fascinating hours learning with Kinman Chan as he develops a portrait both dramatic and beautiful.

The video begins with a series of traditional sketches created from photographs and film using the artist's own self-developed method. Referencing various studies and photographs, Kinman then utilizes his extensive artistic knowledge of anatomy and abstraction to apply critical thinking to the creation of a digital image.

This unique approach adds the "outside the box" thinking of contemporary illustration to the conventional wisdom of Portraiture. An emphasis on both fundamental roots and experimental application is vibrantly present from start to finish.

Join the creative journey.

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Artist's Bio

Kinman Chan has spent the last ten years as a professional artist in various fields - including Animation, Film, TV, Games, Toys, and Comics. He is currently Art Director at The Story Locker.

Through his diverse experience, he has been able to work with such luminaries as George Lucas, Bob Zemeckis, Hayao Miyazaki, and Dave Gibbons. He has been interviewed for his methods and thought process for a number of magazines, and has received the honorary Master Artist Award at cghub.com.

In addition to professional work, Kinman loves studying from great cinematographers about the history and craft of filmmaking, while also being a mentor to other professional artists in their creative development.


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